We've taken the chance to highlight a number of promotions currently found within our product catalogue which will benefit all customer from trade to DIY. We have a great selection of products below which have recently been priced competitively and are heavily stocked.

HOME AND GARDEN: There's never a bad time to think about improving the thermal performance of your home, in summer it may seem like a fruitless task but with our current offer on Spacesaver LITE insulation rolls it is possible to lay out insulation material within a matter of minutes that will save energy heating bills for years to come. LITE rolls are smaller, lighter and easier to handle, perfect for a DIY task. Why not combine this with our Youngman Trade or Atlas ladders, for easy access. Outside the Home we are able to bring you a fantastic deal on Natural Sandstone paving, supplied in 7.2m2 packs for dining areas. Sandstone paving not only looks fantastic but it is also durable, versatile and easy to fit.

TRADE: For the tradespeople or more confident DIY'er we have a selection of goods from premium protective items in scaffolding netting and internal buffalo boards to ensure all internal flooring is kept pristine whilst works are being carried out. Plumbers will appreciate the inconvenience of working with small gas canisters so our Rothenberger Trigger Torch and Holster has now dropped in price and delivered free of charge. If you're up on the roof then why not take a look at our Youngman extending roof ladder, Manthorpe tile vent or the latest addition to our roof window offer, the White FTW center pivot window with P2 thermal safety glass!

MAINTENANCE: Lastly for home and garden maintenance products we have dropped the price of our single room heat recovery unit. The KAIR 12VAC SELV is perfect for small rooms such as kitchens or utilities where condensation is an issue. For £275 you can permanently eradicate condensation problems with an extremely simple fitting process. Additionally our ACO ground guard will help protect external walkways, or if you are intending to use grassy garden areas for parking your vehicles then this is a must. Ground Guard tiles can be filled with gravel or grass and prevents sinking or movement of the surface. Priced per pallet with free delivery each purchase of 112 tiles will cover an area of 23m2.

These are, of course, just 12 great ideas from within our catalogue of 40,000+ products, feel free to get in touch if there are any alternatives to these that you would be interested in.