YBS Insulation are one of the leading UK manufacturers of insulation products, all specially designed for both domestic and commercial applications. With a full in-house technical and project support team plus international distribution services, YBS can provide solutions to the following applications:

Roof insulation, Wall insulation, Floor insulation, Loft insulation, Cavity insulation, Cavity Closers.

For over 20 years YBS have developed new products which has put them at the forefront of the insulation market. All our products are compliant with building control regulations and are certified to industry standards for your peace of mind.

What do YBS Have To Say About Us?

YBS Insulation Ltd have over the last 3 years built up a very close working relationship with LBS Builders Merchants in South Wales.  Our two Premier Multi-Foil insulation Products, SuperQuilt and BreatherQuilt, have sold very well not only through this website but also through their award winning network of Builder Merchant Branches across South Wales.  We have achieved this by communicating effectively with each other and implementing a program of inter-company training between each companies sales teams. We have also integrated the YBS service with LBS, which focuses on the needs of the customer with our free U-Value Calculation and technical support service, condensation risk calculations and advise on Building Control issues, all of which is available to LBS Builders Merchants customers free of charge.

Airtec Double Foil

Airtec is a thin, flexible, easy to install aluminium bubble insulation membrane which acts by trapping air within its bubble structure while creating low emissivity air spaces from its foil faced outer layers, enhancing its overall thermal capabilities.

Airtec is widely used for insulating camper vans and outhouses to ensure temperatures stay cool in summer and warm in winter.

YBS BreatherQuilt

BreatherQuilt is a flexible, easy to install, breathable high insulation designed to replace standard breather membranes while also giving a high level of thermal performance. The composition of the product effectively deals with condensation and all forms of energy transfer.

BreatherQuilt has been independently tested and certified to the latest Industry Standards,  Building Control Compliance (LABC registered detail) and NHBC Acceptance.

Thermawrap General Purpose

Initially designed for dry lining and underfloor applications to keep your house warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, this DIY general purpose wrap is now recognised as the most adaptable foil insulation on the market used for a multitude of applications.

Insulate your camper van, caravan, loft, garage, shed, greenhouse or conservatory as it and reduces the feeling of cold underfoot.

YBS SuperQuilt

SuperQuilt, the Best Performing Multifoil on the Market, is a flexible, easy to install, multilayer insulation offering tremendous thermal benefits. The unique composition of the product effectively deals with all forms of energy transfer.

Certified to the latest Industry Standards, including BDA Kiwa certificate of Agreement, Building Control Compliance (LABC registered detail) and NHBC Acceptance.