Dormer A002 HSS-TiN Coated Jobber Drill Pouch Pack Metric

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The Dormer A002 Metric HSS-TiN Coated Jobber Drill Bits in Pouch Packs. Each bit has a pointed web and fluted tip design. The point design allows for efficient cutting, with a reduced axial force and allows for accurate centring. The web design provides optimised strength, rigidity and improves the feed of the drilling bit. The flutes allows for efficient chip form and evacuation.

The bits have visible, tool in-situ marking that allows for easy identification. The optimised helix angle provides greater stiffness across the diameter range. The bright body improves cutting performance on ductile materials, and the Titanium Nitride coating resists flank and crater wear, and has low friction that allows for increased cutting speeds.